2 Jul 2008

Prison wardens bound for Vanuatu as part of NZ aid programme

9:11 am on 2 July 2008

Two New Zealand prison wardens arrive in Vanuatu later this month as part of an ongoing programme to develop skills among jailers there.

The security of Vanuatu's prisons and the performance of staff has raised widespread concerns after a series of escapes, and prisoners not returning from temporary release.

Tenders for a New Zealand funded prison are now being called for while NZAID is also providing programmes to develop a more effective corrections system.

The New Zealand High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Jeff Langley, says the security situation at the Port Vila prison has got to a stage where police have been brought to supplement the efforts of the prison staff.

And he says two officers arriving from New Zealand late this month will also provide support.

"They will be working down at the prison on a day by day basis to be involved in some of that training. If you like, just provide direct advice and coaching on a day to day basis about how corrections systems and facilities in a modern corrections centre should work."