18 Jun 2008

Our Telekom staff in Solomon Islands go on strike

9:04 am on 18 June 2008

In Solomon Islands, staff at Our Telekom have decided to go on strike.

The lawyer representing the staff union, Billy Titiulu, says the strike began at 7 o'clock last night after the trades dispute panel were not able to negotiate a compromise between the two parties.

Mr Titiulu says the management of Our Telekom refused to consider the unions demands.

Meanwhile the banks and Solomon Airlines were unable to carry out their normal business because their communication lines were out of order yesterday.

The ANZ bank told customers that all their data lines were not working therefore they were not able to carry out normal transactions unless it was a passbook account.

Solomon Airlines which just recently switched to e-ticketing was not able to see who was on their passenger list in the provinces because of the same problem.

International travelers had their boarding passes hand written yesterday and were not able to be booked straight through to their final destination for the same reasons.

Angry bank customers are blaming the industrial dispute on Our Telekom.