23 May 2008

Papuan reportedly forced to rape his partner by Indonesian military personnel

2:13 pm on 23 May 2008

A report emerging from Indonesia's Papua region claims a Papuan man was forced to rape his fiancée by 8 Indonesian Navy marines in Jayapura.

The Elsham Human Rights group in Papua says the incident has been detailed in a report from a church group.

The report says the couple, in their mid-twenties, were relaxing at the beach when eight Naval personnel jumped over the fence from the neighbouring military barracks.

They allegedly approached the couple, intimidated and assaulted them, before forcing them to have sexual intercourse and photographing the forced rape on their mobile phones.

Afterwards, the couple complained to Navy headquarters but the Navy denies that its personnel were involved.

On Wednesday 100 people demonstrated in front of the headquarters, demanding that the eight marines be charged over the alleged rape.