15 May 2008

Senior American Samoan doctor still unable to prescribe medication

9:37 am on 15 May 2008

The Medical Director of American Samoa's Health Department, Dr. Ivan Tuliau cannot prescribe medication from the LBJ pharmacy.

His pharmacy privileges were terminated by the LBJ Hospital Board because of his federal conviction in the AFLAC insurance scam case.

Dr. Tuliau was convicted in 2004 for his role in filing false medical reports to support claims for insurance payments for people holding medical insurance policies with AFLAC.

Then an LBJ physician, Tuliau was placed on probation for five years and ordered to pay restitution of more than $30,000 to the insurance company.

The Chairman of the Health Services Regulatory Board, has written to the LBJ Chief of Pharmacy saying the board questions why Dr. Tuliau's privileges have been terminated.

LBJ attorney Terry Lovelace says that Dr. Tuliau is a convicted felon and his continued employement at the Department of Health is unlawful.

He says Dr. Tuliau needs to show that he has complied with all of the conditions of his parole; been pardoned by the U.S. President or otherwise freed of his federal conviction.