7 May 2008

Samoa govt says sports ban will keep students safe

9:05 am on 7 May 2008

The Samoa government says the ban on all college and high school sports competitions after a violent student brawl has been done to keep the students safe.

The government made the ban after the brawl between students left one female suffering severe burns from a petrol bomb.

Several students and one police officer were also injured in the brawl and three male students from the Don Bosco technical school are facing attempted murder charges.

The government's acting CEO for cabinet, Fata Kapatene, says the ban shouldn't be seen as a punishment.

"P unish is, too strong, because really government is looking at the safety measures to protect the students from being involved in any future brawls or differences like what happened. It's not really a punishment, it's for safety of all the children in Samoa. In fact, this is just a temporary measure."

The government's acting CEO for cabinet, Fata Kapatene.