17 Apr 2008

PCRC critial of Fiji regime's approach to changing electoral system

1:34 pm on 17 April 2008

The Suva-based Pacific Concerns Resource Centre in Fiji says it's opposed to the interim Government's plans for a public forum to discuss possible constitutional amendments.

The interim regime's National Council of Building a Better Fiji has suggested a forum be called to discuss the electoral system.

It says holding another election under the existing system would equal to trying to appoint an elected government under laws that are undemocratic.

But the Centre's Director, Tupou Vere, says the proposal by the Council is unbelievable.

"The interim government, on one hand say they will stick to the 1997 constitution to do elections by March 2009, at the same time other processes are being considered, which is outside the constitutional provisions. We say that this is a continuation of the eroding of the rule of law."

Tupou Vere says the only institution that could make such changes is the deposed parliament.