17 Apr 2008

Solomons police cleared over Aruligo incident

7:06 pm on 17 April 2008

The Solomon Islands Police Force has cleared itself of any wrongdoing over reports that police officers mistreated members of the public in an incident last month in West Guadalcanal.

Local media reported claims that police stormed Aruligo village with a ute full of civilian men armed with knives, axes, timber and diving guns, in their pursuit of a thief.

It's claimed the police contingent ransacked several homes in the village and mistreated villagers during the operation.

However Police Commissioner Jahir Khan denies that police used extreme force.

"The matter was referred to the (Police) Internal Affairs for investigation upon the publication in the newspapers, and apprently the investigation has returned this morning and suggested no evidence against anybody for assault. But the minor injuries were sustained by the suspect during the course of him running away from the crime scene."

Jahir Khan