14 Apr 2008

Solomons PM sets up economic advisory council

1:57 pm on 14 April 2008

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister is setting up an Economic Advisory Council to ensure the country's economic management is based on sound advice and not just on political expediency.

Derek Sikua says many economic management mistakes have been made in the country's recent history.

He says it's now time to ensure the management of the economy relies on sound advice from various sources.

The new Council will be tasked with reviewing all economic data and providing advice to government on key issues, developing trends and research.

It will meet quarterly and falls under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Office.

Dr Sikua says the Council's recommendations to cabinet will be made public so people can participate in informed discussion about economic issues.

He hopes to have the Council set up in time to contribute towards putting the 2009 budget together.