11 Apr 2008

American Samoa children join Olympic mural painters

7:49 am on 11 April 2008

American Samoa has been invited to help paint one of the world's largest murals at the Beijing Olympics.

The invitation comes from world renowned environment artist Robert Wyland, who's in Pago Pago this week to paint underwater scenes on the north facing wall of the Executive Office Building.

The Beijing mural will be Wyland's 100th mural to commemorate the International Year of the Reef.

"I'm inviting 205 UN and Olympic countries to join me in painting my last wall, it's called Hands Across the Ocean, so we're painting 205 giant canvasses and each day i'll paint with seven countries in the morning, seven countries in the afternoon, American Samoa will be the seventh country to paint in Beijing."

The wall will measure three miles when completed.