8 Apr 2008

Indonesia's Attorney General's Office accused of obstructing campaigns

10:07 am on 8 April 2008

Indonesia's National Commission on Human Rights has accused the Attorney General's Office of obstructing campaigns through its reluctance to investigate four past atrocities because of technicalities.

The four incidents include the killings in Wasior and Wamena in Papua province in 2001 and 2003.

The AGO returned the commission's reports on the atrocities on the grounds the government had not set up the necessary ad hoc courts to hear the cases.

The Constitutional Court ruled in January the President had established an ad hoc court by taking into consideration the investigation by the rights body and the formal investigation by the AGO.

The human rights commission's deputy chairman, Ridha Saleh, deplored the AGO's reluctance, as under the law any investigation must be undertaken by the that office.

Usman Hamid of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence told the Jakarta Post that the government seemed reluctant to launch a formal investigation into the cases for fear of political consequences.