3 Apr 2008

Fiji's GCC taskforce calls on 14 provinces to support sitting of Chiefs to avoid crisis

12:30 pm on 3 April 2008

Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs Taskforce team is urging the 14 provinces to support the sitting of the chiefs meeting to avoid a constitutional crisis in the country.

Taskforce team leader, Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo, says if the chiefs do not meet to appoint a vice president and something happened to the President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, then Fiji would be faced with a crisis worse than a military takeover.

He told the Fiji Times the worst case scenario would be if the President could not continue his role and because the country does not have a Vice President, then the commander of the Fiji Military Forces, who happens to be the interim Prime minister, will become the President.

He says so, the government and the State will be headed by the same person and that is the constitutional crisis that we don't want to all go through.

Ratu Josateki urged the chiefs to think about their people and the country and to perform their constitutional role, which is to appoint a President and a Vice President.