2 Apr 2008

A former Fiji TV journalist says he was simply sharing information

8:36 am on 2 April 2008

The man who passed on a number of emails, alleged to have been hacked, to colleagues in the media in Fiji says he was sent them unsolicited.

The information is alleged to have been used to back accusations made against both the Fiji Sun and the Fiji Times.

The Fiji Times has run several reports that allege the material used against both papers was in fact taken from private emails.

Nikhil Singh, a former Fiji TV journalist, who now works for a media trade union in Sydney, says he was simply sharing material forwarded to him:

"M y subject line, truth is here or expose the truth or something like like..intent share journalist colleagues in Fiji ..lot talk hacking ..not that level IT intelligence hack pc or systems."

Mr Singh says he had no indication the emails had been hacked from a private source and as far as he is aware no investigations are underway.