1 Apr 2008

New Caledonian union abandons social dialogue

12:17 pm on 1 April 2008

New Caledonia's USTKE union has decided to quit the territory's working group for social dialogue.

Its leader, Gerard Jodar, says the move is in response to attacks to the right to strike.

He says for the past few months it's no longer been possible to demonstrate without security forces being sent out.

Last week,the prosecution in a court case called for Mr Jodar to be jailed for six months for his role in clashes with police in January.

The court was told that Mr Jodar was giving orders during the confrontation which left police officers and unionists injured.

Mr Jodar says the union is just the victim of a police intervention which was political move decided by the French high commission.

The court is expected to deliver its verdict on April the 21st.