1 Apr 2008

Government spokesman in Nauru says Speaker trying to grab power

11:19 am on 1 April 2008

A government spokesman in Nauru, Mathew Batsiua, says the failed attempts to ban two Cabinet Ministers from Parliament are just a grab for power by the Speaker, David Adeang.

Mr Adeang, who is an Opposition MP, is claiming what amounted to a parliamentary coup by the Government and the police, stopped his efforts at the weekend to have the Ministers removed because they hold dual citizenships.

Mr Adeang says the Government should dissolve Parliament and resign.

Mr Batsiua says they have not discounted this but says other Opposition MPs have no dispute with Government policies, and the moves by Mr Adeang are simply about acquiring power.

"It is simply an attempt by Adeang to stop the ongoing investigations into allegations linking him to shady Chinese businessmen. So we don't think it is a genuine effort to overthrow the Government. We think it is Adeang trying to stop the good progress that this Government is making and it is simply a power grab."