27 Mar 2008

At least two of Fiji's public employees unions want pays backdated

11:09 am on 27 March 2008

At least two of Fiji's public employees unions say they will push for a restoration of pay to be backdated.

Fiji's interim cabinet has agreed to restore the remaining 4 per cent that was cut from the pay of public servants last year.

One per cent had already been restored and backdated.

Fiji's interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Banimarama has announced that the remaining four per cent will be restored in two, two per cent increases, one in July and one in December.

But there will be no backpay.

The General Secretary of the Nurses Association, Kuini Lutua, says the reversed pay cuts will be good news if they come to fruition this year.

But, she says they won't forget the other agreements such as annual increments and cost of living allowances that are still outstanding:

"We will fight tooth and nail to get the salaries of our civil servants in Fiji on par, it's got to come back on par so that the performance is lifted and the satisfaction of providing the services that all the civil servants provide to our people here get better."

Kuini Lutua says the Nurses Association is still cautious over whether to believe the interim administration, which she says in the past has gone back on its word.