21 Mar 2008

Fiji's ousted Qarase government High Court case against interim regime ends

10:32 am on 21 March 2008

In Fiji, the constitutional redress case brought by the ousted Laisenia Qarase government against the interim regime has ended with the three judges to deliver their ruling on notice.

Fiji Live online says the judges - Acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates, Justice Davendra Pathik and Justice John Byrnes - are to decide on the legality or otherwise of the 2006 military takeover.

The High Court heard closing submissions from plaintiffs' lawyers Nye Perram, QC, and his assistant Rachael Pepper on the 10th day of proceedings yesterday.

The pair, in their submissions, highlighted what they called irrelevant arguments and inaccuracies by defence lawyers - Guy Reynolds, QC, and Gerard McCoy.

For instance, Rachael Pepper said Mr Qarase had not received the "former Prime Minister's pension" that he had applied for, demonstrating that the State had not considered his resignation from office.