20 Mar 2008

French Polynesia tells international airlines to carry extra fuel as strike bites deeper

7:34 pm on 20 March 2008

French Polynesia is being hit by fuel shortages as a result of a six-day strike at some supply companies.

The French high commission has advised international carriers landing in Tahiti to carry some extra fuel as there are fears of disruptions from the day after tomorrow.

It also says as of now, no aircraft is allowed to carry freight.

Some petrol stations have now run out of petrol while a fuel supply ship is off Tahiti awaiting an opportunity to offload its cargo.

The vice-president, Edouard Fritch, has called for a dialogue to end the industrial disputes which have hit various businesses.

Meanwhile, 90 percent of staff at the Bank of Tahiti have also gone on strike which is expected to continue tomorrow.