27 Feb 2008

French Polynesia's new coalition divided over tax policy

3:48 pm on 27 February 2008

French Polynesia's assembly has seen the new two coalition partners merge into a single group in the assembly in a bid to dominate its nine commissions.

The Tahoeraa Huiraatira of Gaston Flosse and Oscar Temaru's pro-independence Union For Democracy are in the process of implementing their power sharing deal amid plans for a weekend street rally against the new coalition.

Paris has described the new coalition as one against nature.

The Union For Democracy's Tea Hirshon says its push to introduce an income tax is being opposed by the Tahoeraa.

"This is a tough issue. They know our programme, we know theirs. We will need a lot of time to discuss this and come to a common agreement."

Tea Hirshon