26 Feb 2008

New Caledonian activists welcome temporary halt construction of waste disposal pipe

11:24 am on 26 February 2008

New Caledonian activists welcome a temporary halt in the construction of a Goro Nickel mining company waste disposal pipe.

Goro has started to build a 21 kilometre long underwater pipe to carry liquid mining waste for disposal into the lagoon at the Havannah Channel about two weeks ago.

Activists and environmentalist say the pipe will cause severe environmental damage and demand a halt to the construction.

Goro Nickel management has met with local residents at the weekend to discuss the issue and has agreed to suspend the construction work temporarily to respond to the concern.

An activist, Mike Hosken, is pleased with that commitment.

"It remains to be seen whether it'll be permanent. But they didn't budge, they just said: No pipe. The industrialist has not even come over to talk to these people and they're the first tribe closest to the wharf. The industrialist now said sorry. It's been a big learning curve for everybody."

Mike Hosken says they will meet with Goro Nickel later this week.