19 Feb 2008

Senate hearing on establishment of American Samoa Visitor's Bureau postponed

11:52 am on 19 February 2008

A Senate hearing scheduled last week to review a measure to establish the American Samoa Visitor's Bureau has been postponed until after the Fono recess.

Senator Alo Dr Paul Stevenson said an assessment of the bill by Fono legal counsel Henry Kappel raised several questions that require answers from the governor's legal counsel and the Department of Commerce management.

One of the questions is how the ASVB, which will replace the Office of Tourism, will be funded.

While the measure states that unspent funds allocated to the Tourism Office at the time the office is dissolved will be transferred to the ASVB, Alo said there is nothing in the measure about continuing funding.

The Senate also has questions concerning the board of directors, which will oversee the ASVB,

The Fono goes into a three week recess starting 18 February and reconvenes on March 10.