13 Feb 2008

Pink eye outbreak easing in Majuro

1:41 pm on 13 February 2008

An outbreak of pink eye, or conjunctivitis, in the Marshall Islands appears to be slowing after affecting more than a thousand people.

The Ministry of Health reported that after issuing a high of 134 doses of

conjunctivitis medication on February 4, that number dropped to 19

on Tuesday this week.

Numbers provided by the Majuro Hospital pharmacy show that more than

1,000 doses of conjunctivitis medication have been dispensed since January 28, but the actual number of people affected is likely much larger.

While the severe eye inflammation occurs regularly in the Marshall Islands, since January 28 the number of cases has increased markedly.

Last November, the hospital reported 41 cases, but in a single day on February 4, the Ministry of Health reported confirming 52 pink eye cases.