11 Feb 2008

Budget for Pacific Arts Festival in Pago Pago drops

6:38 am on 11 February 2008

The budget for this year's Pacific Arts Festival in American Samoa has dropped by US$2 million to a little over $4 million.

The organising committee says the revenues so far stand at a little over US$3 million with the government's $2.5 million being the largest contribution so far.

The estimated expeditures stand at US$4 million dollars with a shortfall of US$1 million, that may be partially supplemented by additional corporate donations.

The Bank of Hawaii is so far the only major corporation contributor with a sponsorship of US$50 thousand dollars.

The committee co-chair, Fagafaga Lankilde, told lawmakers that the budget figures are only preliminary and have not yet been submitted to the festival board for approval.