5 Feb 2008

Bomb scare ends Fiji forum with ousted PM

4:11 pm on 5 February 2008

A public forum that was to include Fiji's ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase as speaker has been shut early because of a bomb threat.

The United People's Party's Mick Beddoes was also at the forum, which was examining whether elections could be held in 2009.

He says the panel discussion had been completed, and the delegates were preparing for a news conference outside the Suva hotel when the threat came through:

"We just were asked to all walk out so we all walked across the road to the Government Buildings, and guests as well so everyone vacated it, while the police went through and checked. And that was the end of the forum."

Fiji's former opposition leader Mick Beddoes says more than half the forum's agenda for the day had been completed.