4 Feb 2008

NGOs learn the art of film making to improve performance

8:24 pm on 4 February 2008

A well-known digital video trainer is in Suva this week to teach NGO workers the art of film-making.

Janak Rhana Ghose is in Suva to teach a workshop in digital video making at the invitation of the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific.

The organisation's Fakavae Taomia says NGO workers need new skills to enable them to do their jobs better.

"With the availability of the technology, given that a lot of the development assistance is funded by donors, the audio video will provide a more positive and deep meaning of development in terms of seeing the actual transition of the project from the implementation and then the monitoring to the completion of the project."

Fakavae Taomia says 17 people from Fiji, Kiribati and Tonga are attending the worshop that will end on the 15th of this month.