4 Feb 2008

Anti corruption advocate in Solomon Islands says he turned down government post for personal reasons

4:39 pm on 4 February 2008

The Chair of Transparency Solomon Islands says he declined a post in government for personal reasons.

Bob Pollard has been offered a senior post by the government, but decided not to accept it.

A MP, Charles Dausabea, has applauded Mr Pollard's decision, saying it reflects his seriousness in promoting good governance, accountability and transparency.

But Mr Pollard says being the chair for Transparency Solomon Islands had nothing to do with his decision.

"It was an honour to be asked, but I informed the Prime Minister that, for personal reasons, I wasn't able to accept. Obviously. I wouldn't have been able to continue long-term in my Transparency role, but that wasn't really a factor, it was outside of that. Transparency is working for similar objectives, obviously within government you're able to do that as opposed to just talk about it, but no, it was for other, personal reasons that I have declined."

Bob Pollard, the chair of Transparency Solomon Islands.