1 Feb 2008

France urged to be impartial in French Polynesia election

2:40 pm on 1 February 2008

A leading French Polynesian opposition politician, Edouard Fritch, says the French state should maintain its impartiality between the two rounds of voting for a new territorial assembly.

This comes amid claims by the ruling Union For Democracy of French interventionism in favour of the To Tatou Aia Party of Gaston Tong Sang.

A French minister, Christian Estrosi, has called pro-autonomy political leaders following last week's first round reportedly to push for unity against the pro-independence Union For Democracy.

The leader of the No Oe E Te Nunaa, Nicole Bouteau, was quoted as saying that she was shocked that Mr Estrosi asked her to back To Tatou Aia in the second round.