1 Feb 2008

Solomons government defends allocation of rehabilitation funds

11:25 am on 1 February 2008

The government coordinating body responsible for the allocation and distribution of post-tsunami rehabilitation funds in Solomon Islands' Western and Choiseul Provinces has dismissed claims that North West Choiseul Constituency has received no rehabilitation money.

Choiseul Deputy Premier, Alick Sogati has claimed that North West Choiseul is not included in the funding allocations.

But the Director of the Finance and Economic Development Unit in the Ministry of Finance, Ronnie Piva says North West Choiseul and South Choiseul were each allocated 1.36 million Solomon Islands dollars.

Mr Piva said the distribution and allocation is in accordance with a Cabinet decision.

He said the Programme Management Units operating in Gizo and Taro are centered to serve both Provinces in implementing the shelter rehabilitation process.