23 Jan 2008

Papua New Guinea's Police Association unsure of new initiative to deal with complaints

12:08 pm on 23 January 2008

The Papua New Guinea Police Association isn't sure that a new initiative to deal with police complaints will be popular amongst officers.

A new oversight agency, which will be part of the office of the ombudsman, will watch over police investigations when a complaint has been made by a member of the public.

Robert Ali, president of the association, says it may not be popular amongst ordinary police officers.

"This is a system that will keep them on track and I think probably, realistically looking at it, it may not be popular. But in a way, it keeps them in check, that the internal disciplinary mechanisms are being strengthened, and it's like big brother watching over them."

But Robert Ali says given time and resources, and competent people, the initiative should be effective.