14 Jan 2008

Fiji unions urge natural attrition as public service faces cuts

2:26 pm on 14 January 2008

The Fiji Trades Union Congress says the interim government should wait for public servants to retire rather than order mass sackings.

The interim government announced last week it would overhaul the public service, resulting could lead to job losses.

This comes after a high court ruling to keep the retirement age for public servants at 60 years instead of lowering it to 55.

The union's president, Daniel Urai, says it expected the announcement for a while, but he believes the move would be wrong.

"While that maybe a direction forward for government, the best way to deal with it is to [do it over] a period of time, where people will naturally obtain the retirement age and not be replaced over this period, thereby not really affect those that are currently employed."

Daniel Urai says the union won't accept the dismissal of public servants and it will push for talks with the interim government.