10 Jan 2008

Australian police in talks with P&O cruises over offenders on board

6:14 pm on 10 January 2008

The Federal Police in Australia say they are holding talks with P & O cruises over new protocols for dealing with sex offenders on board.

It follows the deportation of a paedophile who was on a P & O cruise which landed in New Caledonia.

The Federal Police informed border police in New Caledonia that the man, a GP from Australia, had a conviction for possessing and distributing pictures of young children.

The man and his family were taken off the Pacific Sun cruise ship after a warning that he could pose a risk to the 250 children on board.

New Caledonia's daily newspaper says the man is the fifth Australian paedophile since October to be detected on cruise ship passenger lists and to be deported.

Australian police say if the offence if of a serious nature, they will inform the captain of the ship as well as local police.