7 Jan 2008

Solomons government seeks police help to retrieve cars held by former ministers

2:39 pm on 7 January 2008

The Solomon Islands government is seeking police assistance to retrieve the official cars still kept by former government ministers.

12 former ministers, who are now members of the parliamentary opposition, refuse to give back the cars which have been re-assigned to the new government ministers.

The 12 threaten to take legal action to challenge the new government's authority on the matter.

But the new minister for infrastructure, Stanley Sofu, says the cars must be returned.

"I gave an instruction to my permanent secretary that there is a letter of return to the commissioner of police so that they can assist us in the retrieval. Funds for buying vehicles exceed the funds budgeted for and the present government wouldn't want to buy any new vehicles."

Stanley Sofu says most cars were bought only last year.