24 Dec 2007

Solomons central banker unconcerned over Rini record in finance portfolio

1:58 pm on 24 December 2007

The deputy governor of the Solomon Islands Central Bank says he's confident the new government can provide political stability for the next few years.

Denton Rarawa says political stability is crucial if investor confidence is to grow along with the country's economy.

He says the new Prime Minister Derek Sikua's government line-up has a good mix of experience and young talent.

Dr Sikua has filled all 24 cabinet positions, including naming Snyder Rini as Finance Minister despite his record of disbursing duty exemptions during a previous tenure in the role.

But Mr Rarawa says the new Finance Minister has put those issues behind him and should work well in what he describes as a strong cabinet.

"I hope we now have a stable government that will take us through for the next two or three years and concentrate on the issues... (In terms of) the economic issues, the stability would be more beneficial for the investment confidence and the economic environment."

Denton Rarawa