21 Dec 2007

400 CNMI government jobs go as budget is cut

2:49 pm on 21 December 2007

Nearly 400 government employees in the Commonwealth of the northern Marianas will be without jobs because of budget cut backs.

Last ditch efforts to save their jobs have failed.

The Saipan Tribune quotes the governor's press secretary, Charley Reyes Jr, as saying there is just no money to support the employees' salaries.

The legislature has not acted on measures proposed by the Fitial administration to cut costs such as unpaid holidays and reduced retirement contributions.

The Saipan gaming bill, which the administration hoped would generate some 10 million US dollars in revenue during the first year of implementation, failed to pass the Senate on Wednesday.

Mr Reyes says the administration will consider hiring the employees back once funding becomes available.

Positions affected by the layoff include 111 jobs on Rota, 129 on Tinian, 47 on Saipan, and 67 within the Governor's Office.