19 Dec 2007

Marshall Islands to stay committed to Taiwan, says President's office

11:27 am on 19 December 2007

The president's office in the Marshall Islands says the country will remain committed to Taiwan despite claims it might switch its allegiance to China.

This comes after the opposition announced it would change recognition to China if it succeeds forming a new government next month.

In this year's election none of the two major political parties received a clear majority and both sides are trying to put together a parliamentary majority.

A spokesperson for the president, Bob Jericho, says no matter who wins the majority in parliament, the country will continue to support Taiwan.

"President Note and his administration will continue to support Taiwan. They've said it before the election and they've said it again after the election. The president believes that it is a mutual relationship which both countries are mutually benefitting from."

Bob Jericho.

The Taiwanese aid donation of 14 million US dollars is put towards farming projects, micro loans and solar power supply.