19 Dec 2007

Fiji Canegrowers association wants interim government to compensate farmers

11:26 am on 19 December 2007

The Fiji Canegrowers association wants the interim government to compensate farmers with leftover cane from this year's harvest.

The Labasa mill is due to close on Friday with an estimated 60 tonnes of cane still growing in the field.

The head of the association, Bala Dass, says the problems at the mill should have been raised long before now.

"My association is truly convinced that Labasa mill area farmers should not be made to suffer losses for their standing cane on termination of crushing at the Labasa mill for the failure of the corporation and the industry leaders. Hence we call upon the minister for sugar to direct FSC to appropriately compensate the farmers with standing cane on of crushing at the Labasa mill."

Bala Dass says importing sugar from India, while leaving cane to rot in the field smacks of stupidity.