17 Dec 2007

Expatriates to be deported from PNG for taking liquor into flood emergency zone

4:22 pm on 17 December 2007

The controller of the state of emergency in flood hit Oro Province in Papua New Guinea is planning to order the deportation of four senior staff from an oil palm company.

The Post Courier newspaper reports Colonel Vagi Oala is expected to order the deportation of two Australians and two New Zealander from Higaturu Oil Palms Ltd.

They had apparently tried to bring alcohol in which is banned under the state of emergency regulations.

The four were caught last week allegedly trying to ship in 60 cartons of beer, five cartons of red wine and vegetables from a supermarket in Port Moresby.

It was allegedly a second offence by the quartet.

The Post-Courier reports that after the first offence Colonel Oala had warned the company that there could be an arrest if it occurred again.

The paper reports Colonel Oala saying what the four had done was disrespectful and dishonest given the good work the Australian Defence Force had done for the people of Oro Province.