12 Dec 2007

Cost of clean up from cyclone Daman in Fiji stands at half a million dollars

11:17 am on 12 December 2007

The cost of the clean up from cyclone Daman in Fiji already stands at half a million dollars.

The Fiji Times reports that Works permanent secretary, Anand Kumar, has approved 5-hundred thousand dollars to repair damage to the roads caused by the category 4 storm.

Meanwhile, a boat carrying relief supplies and an assessment team will reach the devastated island of Cikobia late yesterday.

Pajiliai Dobui, from the Fiji national disaster office, says they are yet to assess what the damage on the island is.

"The team leaving should be able to tell us how much really was the damage on Cikobia. We have our team of engineers both from our public works department as well as from the military. We also have a team from the ministry of agriculture who are going to assess the crops."

Pajiliai Dobui says there is also a team from the Ministry of Health, checking to make sure no disease has broken out as a result of the cyclone.