7 Dec 2007

Public sentiment against PM, says Solomons opposition

2:04 pm on 7 December 2007

The Solomon Islands opposition says it has considerable public support for its bid to remove the Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare.

Despite losing two MPs to the government last week, the opposition continues to claim it can topple Mr Sogavare in a motion of no-confidence to be voted on when parliament resumes next week.

However, the Prime Minister claims to have consolidated his support again after nine ministers and three backbench MPs walked from his government last month.

But an opposition MP Edward Huniehu says they feel confident despite the fact that the government appears to have the support of as many MPs as they do.

"Locked in at 24/24 so it is a hung parliament at the moment but there is public pressure on members of the government side to quit the government and so we are banking on the public support that eventually one or two more members from the government side will be defecting to the opposition."

Edward Huniehu