5 Dec 2007

PNG's government struggles towards goal of education for all by 2015

11:33 am on 5 December 2007

The Papua New Guinea government is struggling towards it's goal of education for all by 2015.

EFA has a strong emphasis on gender equality in education, with one of the goals ensuring that all children, particularly girls, have access to complete free and compulsory primary education of good quality.

PNG's education minister, Michael Laimo says the government's priority is making sure every child receives basic education.

He says however, around forty percent drop out before they reach grade 8, or before they turn 13.

And Mr Laimo says it's female students especially that are leaving school early.

"T he female student, sometimes they don't continue, it's because sometimes parent they maybe don't want for them to continue, after they finish basic education, they stay back with their parents, helping parents."

Michael Laimo says there's no law to keep children in school.