4 Dec 2007

A year after coup and Fiji interim Government still deflecting concerns over human rights abuses

4:08 pm on 4 December 2007

A year has almost passed since the military ousted the elected government in Fiji.

Although elections have been promised in 2009, the interim regime is still facing condemnation over a number of issues, including its human rights record.

Fiji's economy is also underperforming.

But the interim Minister for Labour and Tourism , Bernadette Rounds Ganilau, says she has asked human rights advocates why they didn't raise critical questions under the previous administration

"Why didn't we hear from any of your groups, any of your ngo's, who are jumping up and down now, during our parliamentary democracy time, when I was chair of the public accounts committee and I reported in parliament on the abuse and mismanagement and the corruptive abuse of finance of the people of Fiji. Where were you all?"

Bernadette Rounds Ganilau says the interim regime is trying to take Fiji to a better place