4 Dec 2007

Fiji education emphasis on skills training - minister

2:26 pm on 4 December 2007

Fiji's interim-education minister says one of his priorities is to end the skilled work force shortage in the country.

Interim-education minister, Netani Sukanaivalu, was in New Zealand last week for the Pacific Form Education Ministers' meeting.

He says there are acute shortages from craftmanship level, to technicians, and managers and engineers.

Mr Sukanaivalu says to fill the gaps, the interm-government is focussing on technical vocational education training, by expanding training facilities beyond the Fiji Institute of Technology in Suva.

He says tradesman courses are to be placed in centres throughout the country, five each in the northern and western divisions, seven in the central and three in the eastern division.

"the twenty quality vocational centres are being set up to assist the parents, in guidance and sponsors, instead of bringing all their children from the island and from the rural areas into the capital city in Suva, they can take their children into the nearby quality vocational centre. 17 secs."

Fiji's interim-education minister, Netani Sukanaivalu.