22 Nov 2007

New Zealand businessman injured by Fiji police, seeks millions for maltreatment

3:57 pm on 22 November 2007

Lawyers for the injured New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan, say they are suing the interim Government for just over 26 million US dollars, for his treatment by Fiji authorities.

The Fijilive website reports Mr Khan's lead counsel, Peter Williams QC, saying the writ has been filed.

He says the writ replaces the legal action against the Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni that was withdrawn yesterday.

Mr Williams says they are seeking compensation for the shocking ordeal Mr Khan went through after being arrested as part of an alleged consipiracy to assassinate the interim prime minister and senior members of the military regime.

He says the suit is for the injuries sustained and the unnecessary imprisonment of Mr Khan in hospital.

Eleven people have been charged in connection with the alleged plot.