22 Nov 2007

Fiji's deposed leader wants parliament recalled so his government can legally resign

3:53 pm on 22 November 2007

Fiji's ousted prime minister says he hopes the interim administration will agree to his offer to legally return the country to democracy.

The interim prime minister has committed to holding general elections by March 2009.

Laisenia Qarase suggests that the last parliament be recalled a few months prior to the election in order for his government to legally resign.

"When the parliament is recalled, the interim regime should resign, and be replaced by a government consisting of former parliamentarians. After that, as prime minister, I would hand in my resignation and advise the president to dissolve parliament."

Laisenia Qarase says after his government's resignation, the president could appoint a caretaker cabinet to look after the state until the election.

Mr Qarase says he still plans to stand as a candidate in the election should his party agree.

He adds his court case challenging the legality of the coup would proceed.