19 Nov 2007

Solomons leader suggests Parliament may not sit this year, despite legal requirement

8:28 pm on 19 November 2007

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister has indicated that parliament may not be called for another session before the end of the year.

Manasseh Sogavare also maintains that his government remains in control despite the current political crisis.

The new opposition grouping claims to have a majority of MPs united in their bid to remove Mr Sogavare, but their efforts to have the Governor General reconvene parliament for a vote of no confidence have been unsuccessful.

However the speaker of parliament says the Prime Minister is legally required to call another session before the end of the year to discuss approval of the budget for next year.

Mr Sogavare says calling parliament is entirely up to him.

"Well that particular issue will be subject to the Attorney General's advice and I think he has handed his advice to His Excellency, and I think that advice will be made known to Solomon Islanders. But the Minister of Finance is working flat out on the preparation of the Budget and he says he will probably take the entire December month to get it ready, so it may roll over for the next year."

Manasseh Sogavare