14 Nov 2007

Lawyer concerned for health of New Zealander in Fiji police custody

8:47 pm on 14 November 2007

The lawyer for a New Zealand man in police custody in Fiji says his client is unwell and needs to be re-admitted to hospital.

Ballu Khan spent 11 days in hospital after being allegedly beaten by the military and police when he was arrested in connection with an alleged plot to kill leaders in Fiji.

A medical report says he recieved a fractured skull and cheekbone when he was beaten, and Fiji media reports Mr Khan as having to be carried by two police officers from the hospital.

Ballu Khan's lawyer, Tevita Fa, says he's been with his client during police interrogation today, and he looks weak.

"I've received a phonecall from the girlfriend who is close by him right now to say that he's not feeling well. We may have to re-admit him to hospital."

Tevita Fa says he's meeting with doctors for advice on whether Mr Khan needs medical treatment in New Zealand.