14 Nov 2007

Samoan police fail to end land occupation

3:16 pm on 14 November 2007

More than one hundred Samoan police officers have failed to stop the village of Satapuala from occupying and cultivating part of the government land under the Samoa Trust Estates Corporation at Mulifanua opposite Faleolo international airport.

Reports say when police arrived this morning and tried to stop the construction of a new iron roof house on the dipsuted land.

The house reportedly belongs to the high ranking chief or Sa'o, To'alepaialii Toesulusulu Si'ueva, who is leading the campaign for the return of the village land.

Construction work of the house started well before police arrived in large numbers.

But after seven hours of discussion, the village chiefs told the police that the occupation and cultivation of the land would continue until they get a positive answer from the government.

The police spokesman was not immediately available for comment.