14 Nov 2007

Fiji's Law Society rejects claim by Tonga's Chief Justice

11:09 am on 14 November 2007

The Fiji Law Society has refuted a claim by Tonga's chief justice that the Fiji judiciary is under pressure from the interim administration.

Speaking after a meeting of the Pacific Judicial Conference in Nuku'alofa, Justice Tony Ford said a number of judges had expressed concern about pressure on the Fiji judiciary based on the reports they had received.

Justice Ford would not give details saying the conference was not open to the media, but said they had selected Justice Cricket Wallace of California to provide help to Fiji through the Forum Secretariat.

But the president of the Fiji Law Society, Isireli Fa, says they are not aware of any instance where the independence of the judiciary was compromised.

The Fiji Times quotes Mr Fa as saying that they have not come across any judgment that gives them concern that justice has not been done.