14 Nov 2007

Fiji Law Society wants police to stop assaults

8:04 am on 14 November 2007

The Fiji Law Society has expressed concern about the amount of force used by police during and after arrests.

Law Society president, Isireli Fa, has called on the police commissioner to urge his officers to stop assaults on those arrested now and in the future.

Mr Fa says excessive use of force by police in carrying out their duties will reflect on their professionalism and their leadership.

Isireli Fa has called on police internal affairs to investigate the severe injuries inflicted on those arrested for the alleged plot to assassinate key government figures.

He says any findings of excessive force by police should result in disciplinary action against the officers concerned.

One of the suspects in the assassination conspiracy, New Zealand citizen Ballu Khan, has been in hospital since his arrest 10 days ago but is expected to be released and charged any time now.