14 Nov 2007

New Zealand national arrested in Fiji expects to be released from hospital soon

7:50 am on 14 November 2007

The New Zealand national detained under guard in a Fiji hospital for the last 10 days, Ballu Khan, expects to be charged when he is released.

This was revealed by his lawyer, Tevita Fa, on Fiji TV last night after he visited Mr Khan in hospital.

Mr Fa says his client realizes that he will be charged when he leaves hospital and it's now time to get his legal team ready and fly in a Queen's Counsel from New Zealand.

11 people arrested with Mr Khan have been charged with inciting mutiny and five counts each of conspiracy to murder key government figures including the interim rime minister.

Earlier, Fiji's military said Mr Khan, is a national security threat.

The military spokesman, Lt Col Mosese Tikoitoga, told Radio Legend Mr Khan was allegedly trying to destabilise the country and what the security forces did was to prevent Fiji becoming like Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.