25 Oct 2007

Cakaudrove province in favour of Fiji People's Charter

3:46 pm on 25 October 2007

The former Fiji prime minister Sitiveni Rabuka's home province of Cakaudrove has given its full support to the interim administration's People's Charter as the way forward for the country.

Mr Rabuka, who is now chairman of the Cakaudrove Provincial Council, has told Radio Legend they believe the Charter will bring unity among all the races in Fiji.

He says the Cakaudrove Provincial Council has agreed that Fiji needs to get away from where it is.

Mr Rabuka says the interim administration believes that the way away from Fiji's current situation and the way forward avoiding the pitfalls of the past is the People's Charter.

Mr Rabuka says it then becomes everyone's duty to contribute towards it.

He says Fiji has to get out of the pitfalls of the past like racialism, provincialism, religious factionalism and similar divisions.